V-8 Class

Contestants enter at own risk.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

Any puller that has been drinking will not hook to the sled.

Driver must remain seated during pull. Driver must signal that tractor is out of gear when hitching and unhitching from the sled. Once clutch is engaged, at least one hand must remain on the steering wheel at all times.

Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times. Speed not to exceed 4 mph off the track.

Driver must start with a tight chain. Contestants will be allowed 75 feet or two tries to move the sled.

Each tractor will be allowed one hook per class.

Tractors must be brand name. Tractors must use stock tractor rear end and transmission. Automatic transmissions may be used in addition to the stock tractor transmission. Tractor length cannot be altered or extended including wheel base, framerails, housings ect.

All tractors must have wide front ends measuring at least 36" wide from the center of each tire.

All weights must be stationary and safely secured to the tractor (no bungee straps). If anything should fall off the tractor (weights or parts) while hooked to the sled, disqualification will result.

Front weights cannot be more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward.

Contact points of tractor (front & rear tires) must stay inbounds or disqualification will result.

Tractors must be naturally aspirated. No turbos or blowers allowed.

Only a single 750 or smaller 4 barrel carburator may be used. No dominator or predator carburators allowed. No fuel injection is allowed. No tunnel rams are allowed.

Gasoline only. No alcohol, nitromethane, or nitrous.

Only the following engine combinations will be allowed. Chevy small block, Chrysler small block, Ford small block (including 351Cleveland, 351M, 400M) and any I6 or V6. All engine combinations must be less than 410 CID. No aluminum blocks or aluminum heads are allowed. Only stock OEM crankshafts with stock strokes are allowed. Only stock OEM blocks are allowed. No Olds rocket blocks or Bowtie blocks may be used.

Headers or individual pipes can't be more than 1-7/8" diameter. Collectors can't be more than 3-1/2" diameter.

Tractors may run a maximum of 6000 rpm. Tractors must use an MSD electronic rpm limiter. The rpm limiter must be mounted so it is easily accessable for tech personel. A 6000 rpm MSD plug-in module will be provided to each tractor before it hooks to the sled.

Tractors may pull in any gear at any speed. Torque Amplifiers may be used.

Tractors must be two-wheel drive. No radials, duals, chains, or steel wheels.

Maximum tire size is 18.4x38. Tires may be cut in any way. Any rim width may be used.

Hitch no higher than 20 inches and no closer than 18 inches from the center of rear axle to hitching point. Drawbars must be rigid in all directions.

Wheelie bars are mandatory. They must be independent of hitch, must be at least 4 inches behind the tires, no higher than 10 inches off the ground, no closer than 20 inches together, must have 5 inch x 5 inch or larger pads, and must support the weight of the tractor in its heaviest class.

Driver must wear a DOT approved helmet.

Flywheel, pressure plate and flexplate must be SFI approved. Tractors must have an NTPA or SFI approved bell housing / transmission safety blanket.

All drive couplings must be covered 360 degrees with a minimum of 1/4" thick shielding.

All exhaust must discharge vertically.

Tractors must have an electric fan, rigid seat, and fenders.

Tractors must have a dead-man throttle, working breakaway kill switch, working brakes and a fire extinguisher.

Tractors must have side shields made of 1/8" steel or 3/16" aluminum covering from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the oil pan.

All rules will be interpreted by the pulling chairmen. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be ruled on by the pulling chairmen with their rulings being final.